portraits of Willie and Elizabeth Gordon

“ Empowering Community Through Education & Excellence” 

Willie and Elizabeth Gordon moved from South Carolina and raised 8 children in Washington DC during a time of rapid civic change and social upheaval. Their children developed strong civic mindsets and pursued careers in education, non-profits, law enforcement and government. As they began their own families and befriended their communities in California, North Carolina, and New Jersey, they chose to serve their communities outside of work, contributing hundreds of volunteer hours a year to local educational partners and community organizations. The next generation have pursued graduate level education, earning Masters and Doctorate degrees. They have achieved excellence in careers such as social work, counseling, accountancy, business, public relations education, and the arts. As a family, we share a strong faith and sense of service to share the blessings our family has received, so it was a fitting next step to honor our ancestors, Willie and Elizabeth by founding the Willie & Elizabeth Gordon Family Foundation (WEGFF). 

WEGFF honors the legacy of our ancestors by giving back to disenfranchised communities through education, excellence, empowerment and service.” 

The Willie & Elizabeth Gordon Family Foundation motto is “Empowering Community Through Education & Excellence” reflecting our values of serving our communities wherever we are, on the West Coast, the East Coast, or in the South. We believe that we can empower people to advocate for systemic changes while increasing access to the practical resources needed for success in education and the pursuit of excellent life and career opportunities. We hope to empower young people in our communities who have been disadvantaged or underserved, especially due to racism, poverty, lack of institutional investment in education, childhood trauma, or developmental disability. We do this through a range of programs and services such as backpack drives to bring school supplies to elementary children whose families would not have been able to afford them and scholarships to encourage students to pursue higher education. These efforts have grown throughout COVID-19 and we’ve added virtual events such as our Black History Month Reading Hour. Our most recent event raised money for scholarships for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Divine Nine Fraternities and Sororities. 

As we continue to grow as an organization, we invite you to join us at an event, reach out for support, and share what you are doing in your communities. We hope that your family is empowered to serve wherever you are.